How to cure diabetes

Learn how to cure diabetes naturally without medicines.

Do you know that it is estimated that 61.3 million people between the age group 20-79 years living with Diabetes in India? This number is expected to increase to 101.2 million by 2030

There are several millions of people who may have Diabetes but never got them tested.

Through this article, I aim to talk to you about the cause of the different type of Diabetes and how to cure Diabetes naturally.

How to cure diabetes

India has become the diabetes capital of the world because of the high incidence of disease. The reason is majorly attributed to lifestyle dysfunction and food habits. But what is Diabetes?

Diabetes means to have too much sugar in the blood, especially in the form of Glucose. Excess glucose in the blood for an extended period is diagnosed as Diabetes. But the condition itself does not say anything about its cause. We need to get to its root to understand what causes and symptoms of Diabetes. Once we know the root cause of the illness, we can cure Diabetes permanently.

What is Type 1 diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is also called Juvenile Diabetes. It is a congenital problem, which means it occurs right after a child is born. There is a genetic defect in the pancreas, which makes their cells incapable of producing insulin. Patients with Type 1 Diabetes have to take insulin supplements for the rest of their lives. But they can keep their sugar level in control with the right diet, exercise, and stress management. We will talk about that in a little while.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of Diabetes. It is caused due to 2 factors.

  1. Increase in the myocellular fat. It is the deposition of fat in the muscle cells making the muscle cells incapable of receiving the insulin. As a result of which, there is a high level of insulin in the blood.  
  2. The second cause is that the liver pushes out a lot of Glucose into the bloodstream when the body undergoes a stress response. To understand more about stress, please visit my previous blog

How to cure Type 2 diabetes permanently?

There is a widespread myth that Diabetes is a lifetime disease, and it cannot be cured. The person becomes reliant on the medicines, which in most cases does not work. But is it true?


Diabetes, primarily Type 2 diabetes, can be cured permanently without any medication. It is done in 3 simple steps.

  1. Good food and nutrition.
  2. Movement
  3. Stress removal.

Let us discuss each of them in detail.

Cure diabetes without medicines

How right food and nutrition can cure Diabetes naturally.

A most disturbing trend is the shift in the age of onset of diseases to a Younger generation.

Why is that so? The answer is not always Genetic.

“Genes load the Gun; lack of right diet pulls the trigger.”

Kids these days are fed with food that is majorly oily and processed. Such foods increase the amount of fat in the myocellular area, causing insulin resistance. The case is the same with adults.

When we consume fried and oily foods, we increase our chance of getting Diabetes and all other illnesses. It happens in two way. Excess fat stick to the muscle cells like chewing gum stuck to the shoe, blocking insulin flow into these cells. When these cells are devoid of insulin muscles, accumulate a lot of Glucose in the body instead of burning them. When the body gets more and more Glucose, then the person is called diabetic.

Also, when we consume oily food, the excess fat clogs the liver from within. When the liver is clogged, it leads to a condition called fatty liver. Chronic fatty liver can cause complete liver failure, leading to the death of a person. The fats may also clog the arteries causing coronary heart disease.

It is a myth that consuming sugar is the leading cause of Diabetes. It the oil which is the biggest killer when it comes to causing Diabetes. White sugar, adds to the misery.

If you want to cure your Diabetes naturally and permanently, the way forward is to eliminate oil from the diet. It is not just oil used in cooking, but also oil present in the junk and processed foods consumed. Instead, one can consume, a copious number of vegetables, fruits, legumes, grams and pulses.  

Cure Diabetes naturally and permanently

There is also a myth that the Keto diet can cure Diabetes permanently. No, it doesn’t. Majorly, a Keto diet is a Fat and protein-rich diet, which includes very minimal Carbs. Keto initially may turn out to be beneficial as the person may lose weight drastically. But it is not sustainable. The Keto diet’s side effect is that it accumulates more and more fat in the myocellular (between the cell) are of the muscles, causing insulin resistance in the long run.

So, what is the right diet to follow to cure Diabetes without medicines? The plant-based diet is the way to go. The food right in fiber and slow-burning carbs like vegetables, pulses are the right foods to cure diabetes. Consuming proteins and slow carbs help in lowering blood sugar quickly. 

Body movement can cure Diabetes without medicines.

There is a myth that walking alone can cure Diabetes. That is not true. Walking might be a way to sweat it out. But it is not a cure for Diabetes. The right kind of physical exercise must activate the internal organs such that they function at their best.

Not moving the body organs enough can lead to stagnation in their function. Yoga has evolved in that regards that there are targeted movement to move each of the internal organs. In the case of Diabetes, it is essential to activate the pancreatic area and liver. Once we start moving these organs, they regain their lost function and heal themselves.

Cure Diabetes permanently through stress management.

Form the above sections; we understood the physical cause of Diabetes. But the cause of any illness is not always physical. Its is karmic as well.

Imagine a boat that is sailing in the river. The boat has a hole and water is leaking in. To stop the boat from sinking, we need to plug the hole and bail out the boat’s water.  According to Yoga, the boat is your body and hole is the karmic reason you get sick. To stop your body from dying, you need to fix the karmic reason. Why is Karma significant here?

Karma is the cause of all stress.

And stress is the cause of all illness. Stress plays a crucial role in Diabetes. By knowing how to manage stress, you can get rid of Diabetes without any medication. It is essential to understand what Karma is.

What software programming is to the computer, Karma is to the body.

There are good karmas and bad karmas. Good karmas are something you are born to do on earth. But if it is good, there is also evil. Bad karmas are the repelling forces which pull you away from your life’s purpose. You are happy when you follow your heart’s calling and are stressed when you aren’t following your heart’s path. 

In our general understanding of Karma, we think of it as a cosmic tit for tat. Nobody is keeping track of all our good and evil deeds.

Let me give you an example of Karma. As I am typing this article on my laptop, I intend to convey my message to you through my words. But if the bad Karma were to act upon this, my computer may get crashed, or a guest could visit me suddenly and take away my time. Now that is bad Karma.

Another example could be, say you are excited to attend a job interview. You prepared all the necessary documents the previous night, pre-booked a cab to reach the venue on time. But the next morning, as you leave the house, you find out the cab has been cancelled, it is raining heavily and you cannot book another taxi on time. This is your Karma too.

It is common for people to react in such situations and get immensely stressed. But not to those who know to remove Karma.

Yoga has devised the best cure to cope-up with stress. It is a technique called Karma Visarajana which enables you to remove your own Karma. The method is easy to learn and implement. It is a highly effective practice, that can help you stop worrying in a few minutes. This is the ultimate answer to live a stress-free life. The knowledge of karma removal can help you smoothly clear off the karmas that come in your way and help you achieve the things you want to achieve.

Karma removal comes in handy in solving any relationship troubles that is causing you to stress in life. It can help remove the financial obstacles that obstruct your wealth and prosperity. The technique is beneficial to resolve legal disputes as well. It can help you get out of any addictions that you may have indulged in to escape stress. The karma removal technique has been proven effective to improve the quality of terminally-ill patients

If you want to learn more about Karma Visarjana and learn the techniques to get all its benefits. Head to

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