What is Chronic Illness and How to overcome it?

What is health?

It is said Health is wealth. But that is not true, Health is more than wealth. Health is a marker of our happiness in life. If we don’t have health, we cannot enjoy any of the wealth we accumulate.

Health is a factor that buys us time on this earth. When we have health, we can enjoy our time lot longer on the earth. But most often, we fall prey to some of the chronic illnesses that steal away our time and our loved ones’ time on the earth.

We may not even realize that we are chronically ill unless anyone of them manifests as serious illness that needs immediate care. This article aims to reveal to you some of the chronic illnesses that anyone can get if we allow it to.

Also, we will uncover in this article what is the root cause of all illnesses and how to weed out the root cause once and for all.

Chronic illness

How are health, wellness and wellbeing interconnected?

when we talk of health, we always talk of the physical fitness and ailments. But little we are concerned about the wellbeing. Only when Wellbeing and health comes together, we have something called over all Wellness.

So, what is wellbeing? Wellbeing includes mental wellbeing and emotional wellbeing.

In today’s day and age, almost everyone has some form or the other mental illness in varying degrees of severity.

There are 7 dimensions of wellness which interact with one another and help to improve quality of life we are living.

Physical wellness helps us to accomplish our daily activities without facing burnout, stress, fatigue etc. It is the ability to live a healthy life and avoid unhealthy habits causing illnesses.

Emotional wellness is also known as mental wellness. It is an ability which helps us to overcome hurdles in life and that too very efficiently as it helps us to understand who we are. It helps us to share all the emotions we develop inside us in a productive manner.

Intellectual wellness is an ability where we open ourselves to creativity. We bend ourselves towards learning something new and acquire new skills.

Chronic Illness
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Social wellness is an ability where we open ourselves towards others. We establish a bond with family, friends, relatives and society and all this contributes to social wellness.

Spiritual wellness is an ability where we learn values and understand that we all are meant to serve similar purpose. This ability helps us to rise in spiritual world and we form peace in ourselves and harmony with others.

Environmental wellness is an ability which we use to create a good effect in the quality of environment in which we live as we feel that it is our responsibility to keep air, water and land surrounding us clean.

Lastly, occupational wellness is an ability to maintain stability in life as well as enjoy personal fulfilment from occupation. It allows us to make powerful positive influence and impact in work place as well as in the society.

  • How yoga can help you lead a healthy life?

Any kind of illness can be cured permanently without any medication in 3 simple steps.

1.   Good food and nutrition.

2.   Movement

3.   Stress removal.

Let us discuss each of them in detail.

How right food and nutrition can cure illnesses?

The key to good health is in the food you eat. There is a saying which goes by “you are what you eat”. What we consume in our day-to-day life have major impact on the health of our internal organs. So we much be very careful about what we eat.

If you want to cure any illness naturally, the way forward is to eliminate oil from the diet. It is not just oil used in cooking, but also oil present in the junk and processed foods consumed. Instead, one can consume, a copious number of vegetables, fruits, legumes, grams and pulses. 

The plant-based diet is the way to go. The food right in fibre and slow-burning carbs like vegetables, pulses are the right foods to cure any kind of illnesses. Consuming proteins and slow carbs help in lowering blood sugar and maintain the right amount of energy reserve needed for the body.

Body movement can cure chronic illnesses without medicines.

There is a myth that walking is good exercise that can cure any illness. That is not true. Walking might be a way to sweat it out. But it is not a cure for illnesses. The right kind of physical exercise must activate the internal organs such that they function at their best.

Not moving the body organs enough can lead to stagnation in their function. Yoga has evolved in that regards that there are targeted movement to move each of the internal organs. In the case of Diabetes, it is essential to activate the pancreatic area and liver. Once we start moving these organs, they regain their lost function and heal themselves.

Cure any illness permanently through stress management.

Form the above sections; we understood the physical cause of all illness. But the cause of any illness is not always physical. Its is karmic as well.

What is the root cause of all illness?

The root cause of all illness is stress. It is said that when our body is in stress mode, then our immune system works at just 20% of its usual potential. This means, our body is open to the invasion of bacterial, viral or other pathogens. Once these pathogens enter our body, they begin to create several illnesses in our body. Someone who is chronically stressed would have several chronic illnesses in the body compared to someone who is relaxed.

But why do we experience a lot of stress?

We experience lots of stress because our expectation about the world and the reality is very distorted. Most people hold a romantic idea of the world in their minds and expect great things to always happen to them. It is essential to understand that the world is a mixture of good and the bad. You need to re-model your expectation of the world based on reality. To accept the truth, you need one essential skill called ‘Relaxation’. Only when you understand how to relax can you get rid of mental stress once and for all.

My teacher would say “relaxation is the only good”.  He taught me a cool mantra which I would like to quote here. It goes like “Om Malam Gataha Akalikam Prachalati”. Which exactly translates into ‘When shit happens immediately move On’. Suppose we learn to move on from any harmful incidents and learn to relax through all of them. Then we would be able to avoid and control stress to a greater extent.Stress being the major mental illness, it in important to know how to cure stress naturally.

But what is the root cause of all stress?

According to Yoga, the root cause of Stress is KARMA.

To get rid of mental stress and depression and live a stress-free life, understanding karma is necessary.

What software programming is to the computer, Karma is to the body.

There are good karmas and bad karmas. Good karmas are something you are born to do on earth. But if it is good, there is also evil. Bad karmas are the repelling forces which pull you away from your life’s purpose. You are happy when you follow your heart’s calling and are stressed when you aren’t following your heart’s path.

In our general understanding of Karma, we think of it as a cosmic tit for tat. Nobody is keeping track of all our good and evil deeds.

Let me give you an example of Karma. As I am typing this article on my laptop, I intend to convey my message to you through my words. But if the bad Karma were to act upon this, my computer may get crashed, or a guest could visit me suddenly and take away my time. Now that is bad Karma.

Another example could be, say you are excited to attend a job interview. You prepared all the necessary documents the previous night, pre-booked a cab to reach the venue on time. But the next morning, as you leave the house, you find out the cab has been cancelled, it is raining heavily and you cannot book another taxi on time. This is your Karma too.

It is common for people to react in such situations and get immensely stressed. But not to those who know to remove Karma.

Yoga has devised the best cure to cope-up with stress. It is a technique called Karma Visarjana which enables you to remove your own Karma. The method is easy to learn and implement. It is a highly effective practice, that can help you stop worrying in a few minutes. This is the ultimate answer to live a stress-free life.

The knowledge of karma removal can help you smoothly clear off the karmas that come in your way and help you achieve the things you want to achieve. Karma removal comes handy in solving any relationship troubles that is causing you to stress in life. It can help remove the financial obstacles that obstruct your wealth and prosperity. The technique is beneficial to resolve legal disputes as well. It can help you get out of any addictions that you may have indulged in to escape stress. The karma removal technique has been proven effective to improve the quality of terminally-ill patients.

Imagine a boat that is sailing in the river. The boat has a hole and water is leaking in. To stop the boat from sinking, we need to plug the hole and bail out the boat’s water.  According to Yoga, the boat is your body and hole is the karmic reason you get sick. To stop your body from dying, you need to fix the karmic reason.

If you want to learn more about Karma Visarjana and learn the techniques to get all its benefits. Head to https://pages.razorpay.com/karmaV.

What are some of the chronic illnesses caused by stress?

Now let us discuss some of the chronic illness caused by stress. The common one being the Diabetes.


Diabetes is caused by 2 major factors:

1. Increase in the myocellular fat. It is the deposition of fat in the muscle cells making the muscle cells incapable of receiving the insulin. As a result of which, there is a high level of insulin in the blood. 

2.   The second cause is that the liver pushes out a lot of Glucose into the bloodstream when the body undergoes a stress response.

So, stress is a major reason why someone could get diabetes. By being able to manage stress, then anyone can reverse their diabetes and lead a long healthy life.

  • Fibroids

Fibroids are becoming more common among women and it is said that 85% of women have got fibroids in their body. The major cause of fibroids is the interplay between xenoestrogen and Stress. Xenoestrogens are foreign substances that mimics the body’s natural estrogen and cause the formation of fibroids in the body.

It is one of the chronic illness which is silent killer among women. Stress women go through induces the level of effect the xenoestrogen has in the body and leaves the body susceptible to attacks of various forms. To know more about fibroids and how to cure fibroids naturally read my blog onhttp://divyaabirami.com/shrink-fibroids-fast-without-any-surgeries/

  • Depression

Depression is nothing but a manifestation of Chronic stress. When our body is stressed for a long time, the brain does not produce the necessary level of neurotransmitters that are responsible for making us feel good. The stress damages the nerves and the neurotransmitters production in the body which is the major cause of depression.

Depression is mental illness which can cured by helping the person manage their stress and anxiety well. Removing all the thoughts, relationships and situations opposing a person’s wellbeing is the key to cure Depression. It can be easily done by anyone who had acquired the knowledge of karma Visarjana.

  • Alcoholism

Though Alcoholism is viewed as a mental illness, its cause is widely unknown. Someone reach out to Alcohol when they feel powerless and they are not valuable to people around them. Instead of learning the skills that would make them useful to people around them, people seek alcohol

Another reason people drink Alcohol to forget their problems. Alcohol is a mind-altering substance, takes people to a different imaginative world, where they feel good about their life. But the truth is that such feeling wears off in a few hours and they come back to the bitter reality they tried to escape. To feel better, they keep going back to drinking Alcohol.

To counter the menace of Alcoholism, only way to get rid of the problems in their life. By eliminating the situation, relationships and people who are causing mental fatigue, one can manage their emotions well and try to be of value to people around them. Read my blog on Alcoholism http://divyaabirami.com/stop-alcohol-addiction-once-and-for-all/

  • Smoking

Smoking is an issue very similar to that of Alcohol addiction. People reach out to cigarettes as an attempt to escape from their every day life. Smoking in no time becomes a chronic illness causing various other problems to the body. When a person smokes, their arteries and heart get damaged as the first thing.

The chemicals in the smoke affects the way the brain functions and leads to several neurological issues. Our nervous system produces ample levels of Neurotransmitters like Serotonin, dopamine, etc. Which are necessary for us to feel good in our everyday life. Smoking disrupts the production of these chemical putting the individual through a state of depression.

The smoking addiction, like alcoholism can be countered by sincerely solving the problems in one’s own life through karma Visarjana.

  1. stomach problems

As I mentioned earlier, when our body is in stress mode, our immune system works at just 20% leaving the gates open for several pathogens to enter our body. Another manifestation of Stress is the suppression of Digestive activity in the body.

When the body is in stress mode, the stomach acid production in the body takes a all time low. When the stomach acid production goes low, it invites all sorts of trouble within the digestive system. In the absence of Stomach acid, harmful pathogens in the body grow rapidly and uncontrollably. They feed on the food we eat and cause toxins to build up in the body.

Also, when the stomach acid production is low, the food we eat does not get digested properly. When the food is not digested well, the body does not get essential nutrients it deserves to function at its best. 

Thus, just by managing the stress well, we can avoid all sorts of problems emanating from the digestive system.

  1. Movement.

The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. Everyone benefits from exercise, regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Regular exercise will help you maintain your health, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Some of the positive effects of exercises are

  1. Exercise controls body weight
  2. It improves mood
  3. Exercise boosts energy
  4. Exercise Promotes better sleep
  5. Exercise helps improves social function.

To recover from any chronic illness and lead a long and healthy life a more holistic approach to recovery is important. Only by a such an approach, we can ensure that we maintain the health, even after recovering. Take care!

Intermittent fasting has been proven to have effects on our health. To know more about Intermittent fasting read the blog on https://finwfh.com/intermittent-fasting/

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