Learn how to Shrink fibroids fast without any surgeries!

What is a fibroid and how to shrink fibroids fast?

Do you know that 80% of women have fibroids and there is a chance you already have it and have no symptoms! Through this article, I bring you the knowledge on what causes fibroids, how to prevent fibroids and how to shrink fibroids without any surgeries…let’s get started!

Simply put, Fibroids are non-cancerous tumours that form in various parts of the body such as Uterus, Breast, ovaries, etc. But what is more interesting to know is what causes these fibroids. 

Cure fibroids

The conventional medical wisdom identifies Fibroids’ condition as ‘idiopathic’, which means the cause is unknown. A doctor would not be able to tell you the exact cause of Fibroids when you consult them.  But according to the perspective of Functional medicine, the root cause of fibroids is VIRAL. 

All our bodies are invaded continuously by various bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.  But not everyone is equally sick. So, why one person is suffering more than the other? 

For some of us, the viruses and bacteria are highly active and inactive for some. Active viruses in your body attack various organs causing fibroids and other such conditions. 

Now you may ask, what activates a virus in our body? They are two main culprits  responsible for triggering viruses, 

  1. Xeno Estrogen
  2. Stress

When we take any one of these out of the equation, then you can shrink fibroids naturally but to cure them completely, you need to counter both the triggers.

What are Xenoestrogens and how to avoid it to shrink fibroids fast? 

shrink fibroids naturally

Xenoestrogens are toxic molecular substances present in the paints, plastics, perfumes, personal care products and processed foods (The poisonous 5), that you consume day-in and day-out. When you use consume these products, the toxins from these products enter your body in various ways. For example, toxins from perfumes and paints, enter your body through the skin and reach the uterus. When the toxins exceed the level that your body can flush them out, fibroids and other such conditions are triggered. 

How stress triggers the virus?

Before I tell you about stress, I want to introduce an un-sung superhero in your body called the Immune System.  You can understand the immune system as an invisible, silent warrior protecting you from invading villains aka pathogens. This warrior makes sure your body is covered and functions at its best at all times. Nothing, but one demotivates this warrior to put the guard-down. Take a guess! 

You are right!  It’s the stress. 

When you experience emotional stress, your body’s immune system slows done and works at just 20% of its original capacity. Imagine for a moment, what happens when you leave most of the windows of your home open except one or two closed.  Mosquitos and other insects enter the house through the open windows and you may not be able to sleep in peace that night. Similarly, when the immune system slows down, it leaves the gates of your body open to bacterial and viral invasion. 

Once the pathogens invade your body, already weakened immune system fights against them with all its might. The warrior does not win the battle all the time. When the victorious viruses attack various organs of the body, they cause fibroids. 

Thus by avoiding Xenoestrogen and stress, you can prevent fibroids from occurring. 

But if you already have detected fibroids, the good news is you can cure fibroids and make it go away on its own by removing all xenoestrogen and stress from your life. 

Xenoestrogens can be easily managed by avoiding processed foods and replacing them with real fruits and vegetables and avoiding chemical-laden personal care products like, soaps, shampoos, perfumes, make-up products and replacing it with chemical-free alternatives available in the market. 

How to address the elephant in the room, STRESS? 

deal with fibroids during pregnancy

By the understanding of Yoga, the root cause of all stress in negative karma. Negative karmas drive our thoughts and actions in ways we are not proud of and cause emotional disturbances. Chronic emotional disorders cause stress, anxiety and depression, opening doors to all sorts of illnesses. By learning how to remove negative Karma, you can overcome stress. Managing stress is crucial when you have to deal with fibroids during pregnancy, thereby reducing the effects of fibroids considerably to the mother and the child. 

Just by managing xenoestrogen and stress, you can treat fibroids at home and without having to remove them surgically irrespective of the size of the fibroid. 

But there is a big myth out there that apple cider vinegar shrinks fibroids, let me break that down for you!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) when consumed, kills bacteria in your stomach. Your gut is home to many kinds of bacteria, broadly classified as the Good and the bad. The good bacterias, help to digest the food and absorb the nutrients. In contrast, harmful bacteria causes various stomach related issues. All acidity is caused by extra acid produced by the bad stomach bacteria and not by the stomach itself. 

Apple cider vinegar to shrink fibroids

When you take ACV for 20 days, all bacterias are gone from the stomach. After this course, if you take a break from eating processed junk foods and replace it with real food, the good bacterias begin to grow back, thus maintaining your good gut health. But if you consume foods like wheat, maida, processed food, etc., multiply the harmful bacteria will multiply in the stomach and produce extra acid in the stomach. 

When there is more acid in the stomach, your body does not absorb the nutrients properly and you always feel hungry. When you keep eating more to satisfy ourselves, the body struggles to extract all the nutrients and stores it as fat in the body. 

A person with fibroids gains weight because their stomach is messed up. When you have extra fat in the cell, your cells produce more and more estrogen. Estrogen being a growth hormone encourages faster growth of Fibroids in the body. 

Excessive estrogen causes the same effect as a little xenoestrogen. Such fibroids resulting from excess estrogen go down with drinking ACV because it fixes your digestion and natural bacteria keep coming back. There is no direct correlation between consuming ACV and curing fibroids. 

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