How to Stop alcohol addiction naturally

How to Stop Alcohol addiction once and for all?

Do you know that India is home to six crore addicts, more than the population of 172 world nations? But why are so many people addicted to Alcohol and how to stop alcohol addiction?

How to stop alcohol drinking

This article will tell you exactly that.

Before we understand the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction, let us know why people consume Alcohol.

Alcohol is a non-food beverage that is consumed widely by people for recreational purpose. It comes from the Arabic word Al-hul which means spirits. It is the same reason why Alcohol is otherwise known as Spirit.

In the understanding of Yoga, Spirits possess people who drink Alcohol and make them behave differently than how they usually act. If you have noticed someone you know after being drunk, they behave as if they were completely different. The reason is that they get possessed by these spirits around them.

But why people drink Alcohol in the 1st place?

The answer is when someone feels powerless and they are not valuable to people around them. Instead of learning the skills that would make them useful to people around them, people seek Alcohol.

Another reason people drink Alcohol to forget their problems. Alcohol is a mind-altering substance, takes people to a different imaginative world, where they feel good about their life. But the truth is that such feeling wears off in a few hours and they come back to the bitter reality they tried to escape. To feel better, they keep going back to drinking Alcohol.

Early signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction

One of the early signs and symptoms of Alcohol addiction is the very 1st thought that Alcohol can make you feel better. Yes, that is the 1st sign of alcohol addiction. Because when you think Alcohol can make you feel better, you are ready to consume it without any doubt. Once you drink Alcohol, it alters a lot of things in your body and mind. It does not take long from here to get completely addicted to Alcohol.

There is nothing good about little drinking or social drinking, as many would agree with drinking.  Even occasionally, the thought of drinking comes from a more profound wish to escape the bitter reality and have fun by drinking.

But some of the most common symptoms of chronic alcohol addiction include:

  1. Extreme mood swings and irritability.
  2. Relaxation and stress-busting as a reason to drink.
  3. Choosing drinks to cope up with responsibilities and obligation.
  4. Distancing oneself from family and friends.
  5. Drinking alone or in secrecy at the comfort of one’s own home.

It is important to remember that drinking occasionally is as harmful as chronic drinking because it is mostly the occasional drinkers who become addicts.

Effects of Alcohol addiction

 Effects of Alcohol Addiction

In a few seconds after you take your 1st sip of the Alcohol, the chemicals race into your brain. The chemicals slowdowns the pathways that the brain uses to send messages. It blocks the inhibitory signals because of which one feels liberated while drinking. The chemicals alter the mood and slow down the reflexes, because of which a person who drinks is thrown off balance. Many people deal with the problem of memory loss the next day.

A chronic drinker tends to develop brain damage after a few months or years into drinking. Too much Alcohol can shrink the brain. And that’ll have significant effects on the ability to think, learn and recollect things.  

Chronic alcohol addiction may steal sleep off your life too. Alcohol may make someone feel drowsy but they can never reach the deepest sleep state they ought to have. Because of the disturbance to the sleep cycle, one may experience nightmares and weird dreams.

Alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach and causes havoc to the digestive flow. Years of heavy drinking can cause ulcers in the stomach. Heavy drinking causes heartburn, a condition where stomach acid travels up the oesophagus and irritates the food pipe that connects the mouth to the stomach. It is not just the stomach, but the intestine and colon also get irritated too. Hard-drinking can lead to diarrhoea and several other problems.

Drinking affects kidneys in several ways, as well. While drinking, the brain gives off a hormone that makes the kidneys make too much urine. This condition, when it persists for a long time, leads to dehydration of the body. The extra workload on the kidney to filter off the toxins can lead to kidney damage in the long run.

When we talk of the kidneys being the filter for toxins, it is essential to talk about the significant organ where it is broken down. It is the liver. The liver handles the toxins of Alcohol more than any other organ. Heavy drinking makes the organ store fatter leading to a condition called liver cirrhosis or liver failure. Chronic drinking can lead to Diabetes, pancreatic failure and an increase in cholesterol level in the body.

As the fat in the body increases, it gets stored in the major arteries and veins, leading to plaguing them. When the arteries get blocked, it could lead to a fatal condition called a Heart attack. (Read my blog on Diabetes to understand how to cure Diabetes )

Alcohol addiction is one of the primary causes of the onset of cancer in the body. Especially cancer of the pancreas, liver and gall bladder are due to heavy drinking.

 How to avoid and stop alcohol addiction

How to avoid alcohol addiction

To avoid Alcohol, we need to counter the root cause of alcohol addiction, escaping from one’s problems. Denying to solve one’s life problems is the primary cause of any addiction. Instead, one must focus on developing the skills necessary to deal with the difficulties life throws at us. Taking responsibility to solve life’s problem is the more exciting pursuit one can engage.

What is the skill we need to develop?

It is the skill of a more in-depth understanding of how our lives’ problems are caused and how to solve them all.

All problems in our life are caused by reasons that are Karmic.

Karma is the cause of all problems in our life.

Problems cause stress in our lives and deny the joy that we all deserve. By knowing how to manage problems, you can stop alcohol addiction naturally. Hence, it is essential to understand what Karma is.

What software programming is to the computer, Karma is to the body.

There are good karmas and bad karmas. Good karmas are something you are born to do on earth. But if it is good, there is also evil. Bad karmas are the repelling forces that pull you away from your life’s purpose. You are happy when you follow your heart’s calling and are stressed when you aren’t following your heart’s path.

In our general understanding of Karma, we think of it as a cosmic tit for tat. Nobody is keeping track of all our good and evil deeds.

Let me give you an example of Karma. As I am typing this article on my laptop, I intend to convey my message to you through my words. But if the bad Karma were to act upon this, my computer may get crashed, or a guest could visit me suddenly and take away my time. Now that is bad Karma.

Another example could be, say you are excited to attend a job interview. You prepared all the necessary documents the previous night, pre-booked a cab to reach the venue on time. But the next morning, as you leave the house, you find out the cab has been cancelled, it is raining heavily and you cannot book another taxi on time. This is your Karma too.

It is common for people to react in such situations and get immensely stressed. But not to those who know to remove Karma.

Yoga has devised the best cure to cope-up with stress. It is a technique called Karma Visarajana, which enables you to remove your own Karma. The method is easy to learn and implement. It is a highly effective practice that can help you stop worrying in a few minutes. This is the ultimate answer to live a problem-free life.

The knowledge of karma removal can help you smoothly clear off the karmas that come in your way and help you achieve the things you want to achieve. Karma removal comes in handy in solving any relationship troubles that is causing you to stress in life.

Once we remove the problems in our life, we start enjoying the status we presently have and there would be no need to find fun in drinking. By leaning to remove your problems, you can stop drinking on your own without anyone’s help.

So how long does it take to break the habit of drinking? With the knowledge of Karma, it takes only a few days to break the habit of drinking. People who’ve been unable to stop drinking every night have been able to stop drinking within days of Karma Visarjana. Karma Visarjana has proven useful to stop alcohol addiction with immediate and sustainable results. Though Ayurveda and other forms of medicines claim to stop alcohol addiction, a person’s chances of falling back into the habit are high. After a week of not drinking, the brain starts to think clearly, and the body regains its energy. But there could be other effects of alcohol addiction that begins to show.

Imagine a boat that is sailing in the river. The boat has a hole and water is leaking in. To stop the boat from sinking, we need to plug the hole and bail out the boat’s water.  According to Yoga, the boat is your body and the hole in the karmic reason you get sick. To stop your body from dying, you need to fix the karmic reason.

Once the karmic reason for the addiction is plugged, the boat’s water needs to be bailed out carefully. Through proper diet and the right kind of physical exercise, Alcohol’s effects can be reversed in a few months to a year depending on the amount of damage the body has undergone. To remove Alcohol naturally from the system, you need to follow a fat-free, dairy-free diet for at least one year with regular exercise.

In the case of reversal of damage done by Alcohol addiction, it is essential to activate the liver and pancreatic area of the body. Once the person starts moving these organs, they regain their lost function and the organs begins to heal themselves. Yoga has evolved the best methods to move specific organs to enhance the function of those organs.

Suppose you want to learn more about Karma Visarjana and learn the techniques to get all its benefits. Head to

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